Pavel Nedved has had his behaviour questioned by Juventus’ shareholders and the former attacking midfielder responded that he was hurt by them.

He has displayed some poor judgement while being the club’s vice president.

In the latest one, he lost his cool after Juventus were beaten 2-1 by Sassuolo as reported by Football Italia.

The report says he even shouted at Andrea Agnelli, the club’s president and that isn’t the first time he has lost his cool in that manner.

During yesterday’s shareholders’ meeting, the Czech Republic ex-player was criticised and he responded that he is not the club’s VP because he is a friend of Agnelli as the position requires more than that.

He admits that he has not always been on his best behaviour, but insists he would continue doing his best for the club.

“It’s impossible to cover such a prestigious role just because I am a President’s friend,” Nedved responded to the criticism he faced, as quoted by

“The owners would not permit it. I feel a lot of responsibility, sometimes too much. I’ve received correct criticism, I haven’t always had exemplary behaviour,” he continued.

“I will always give my all for this club. Hearing these words affects me, it hurts me, but it is my character. I will always cover my role with maximum commitment and responsibility.”

Nedved is also human and we could allow our passion for the club to overshadow us sometimes.

His furious reaction to Juve’s losses shows that he wants the club to always win and that is a good thing.

He hasn’t done badly in his position at the club so far and his relationship with Agnelli will likely keep him in the job as long as it remains strong.

Meanwhile, Juventus has to improve on their performance on the pitch to stand a chance of winning the league this season.

With Jose Mourinho and Maurizio Sarri all leading an Italian club this season, Juve cannot afford many slip-ups because there are clubs that will deny them a top-four spot.