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Nedved issues update on Dybala and Ronaldo’s future and it’s what we want to hear

July 25, 2021 - 10:45 am

Pavel Nedved answered questions about the future of some Juventus stars recently and his answers were overwhelmingly positive.

The Bianconeri has several players who have entered the last year of their current deal and their long-term futures have been the subject of several rumours.

Paulo Dybala has been in talks with the club over a new deal since last season, but they have made little progress so far.

The attacker is back in preseason although he missed their match against Cesena with an injury.

The club’s fans have been eager to know if he would stay or not and Nedved confirms that his agent will be in town soon and they have time to get him on a new contract.

“(Director Federico) Cherubini has already been in contact with his agent, who will arrive in Turin next week,” Nedved told Sky Sport Italia as quoted by Football Italia.

“We are in good time to get the situation resolved, it’s not a problem.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked with a move to PSG as his wages seem to be a problem for Juve, but Nedved confirms that he would stay at the club beyond this transfer window.

“Ronaldo will return to training on Monday and he will stay with us,” assured the former midfielder.

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  • Avatar
    Martinn July 25, 2021 at 11:15 am

    the majority of juventus fans I’ve found in general want to hear that ronaldo is leaving…..except the ronaldo fans that will curse our team, win or lose, if anyone else DARES to score , and tell us our team can ever exist without him even though he couldn’t even score against benevento. The goal differences since he joined have gone down to confirm we have been getting worse. We could have rebuilt then instead of chasing online clout. Hides fanatics would complain if we won the champions league 5-0 if their god didn’t score….this is the mentality. I would have a player that actually takes a ball in the face for my team rather than ducking to let a goal in. Rather than a spoilt toddler punching the wall because other players score instead of passing to him. Hopefully because he has broken his personal records (what he came for) Allegri will make sure he is a member of a TEAM and he will leech money from elsewhere next season. Division of the fan base and locker room is never a good thing. He needs an established team before he retires, we are rebuilding. Chiesa>ronno, Juventus>ronaldo

  • Avatar
    Martinn July 25, 2021 at 11:18 am

    As for Dybala….let’s get our focus and vital player signed up . Locatelli, Chiesa, Dybala and De Ligt the backbone of our future.

  • Avatar
    Joeke July 25, 2021 at 12:07 pm

    I think Juventus wanted to offload him, but they just can’t find a suitable club who is willing to pay his wages.
    They’ve probably come to the conclusion that it’s no use and they will sit it out so he can leave next year.