Pavel Nedved hails Juve’s new signings this summer and explains “here you have to understand what Juventus means when you’re a new player.”

The Juventus Vice-President was speaking after the Bianconeri’s annual friendly match at Villar Perosa and expressed his admiration for the Agnelli family tradition.

“I’ve experienced this atmosphere many times already, it’s a beautiful, unique feeling,” Nedved told JTV.

“Here you have to understand what Juventus means when you’re a new player. It’s a special day and these special fans make you understand what Juve are all about.

“The fans here are warm, they’ve immediately understood what new players are made of. I’m happy to spend this day with the Agnelli and Elkann families. They’re Juventus.

“The President’s speech? As a player it gave me chills. I knew what the Agnelli family meant in Italy and for Juve, it gave you a lot of energy.

“It’s special to be here. All the players feel it from the first day. Ronaldo? Juventus’ step forward among the big clubs in Europe has been confirmed further.

“That we managed to bring Ronaldo to Juventus is something exceptional. It’ll give us a bit more for the future, as well as for all of Italian football.

“Emre Can? There was very little talk about him, but he was an important signing by the board.

“All the big clubs in Europe wanted him and we managed to get him. He’s a player who gives a lot of substance and is perfect tactically and technically.

“He’s a typical German who knows how to use the ball well. You’ll see that he’ll be very important for the team.

“Cancelo? He’s an important signing too. I’ve seen only a few players join Juve with his character, technique and vivacity. I think he’ll be important this season, especially in Europe.

“Our objectives never change. What counts for us is to win every game, we want to show it from the match against Chievo.”