Juventus could put other Serie A clubs in trouble as they are now being investigated for their financial reporting.

The Bianconeri have proven to be one of the biggest clubs in Europe over the last few seasons. However, their dominance of the Italian game is now being challenged by these new revelations.

They are suspected of reaching agreements with other clubs which are not reported in their financial statements.

One club involved in this is Atalanta and a newly leaked conversation proves this.

The Bianconeri former director Fabio Paratici reportedly called the CEO of Atalanta Fabio Percassi on the Cristian Romero transfer and in one line in the conversation he said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“I will never be able to get that letter out there, because we had to go to trial it turns out that I made a false statement.”

Juve FC Says

As investigators make their findings public, it becomes worrying for Juve fans all over the world because it now means they could be found guilty.

The club maintains its innocence to this day, but the evidence the authorities have against them shows it might not be true. We expect our lawyers to be good enough to defend us.

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