Cristiano Ronaldo is owed 20m euros by Juventus in deferred salary payments and the attacker is keen to collect his money.

One of the main pieces in the current Prisma investigation is a secret document Juventus signed with Ronaldo to defer some of his wages during the covid-19 pandemic.

This document was initially believed to have been signed by only Juve, while Ronaldo did not put his pen to paper because of advice from his lawyers.

However, more details have emerged which could prove the Portuguese attacker did sign the agreement as well.

A report on Calciomercato reveals that in a leaked WhatsApp chat, Juventus secretary Paolo Morganti wrote: “Cristiano signed” in a second message a minute later, he added: “He has a copy of all the documents”.

Federico Cherubini then responded: “Well!”.

Cesare Gabasio, the leader of the club’s legal department, was also in the chat and added: “The first one ready to sign is Cristiano”.

Juve FC Says

Investigators are doing a thorough job to ensure the black and whites are punished and we can see they are leaving no stone unturned in the investigation.

The club must also be ready to go the extra mile to prove we have done nothing wrong as we look to clear our name.