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New twist emerges for European Super League with Juventus seeking to cancel UEFA sanctions

June 23, 2021 - 2:30 pm

The fight between Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona against UEFA for the existence of the European Super League is not yet over.

The three European clubs have insisted that the competition must go on even though they have lost nine of their fellow founding members.

These clubs have made peace with UEFA and they have been reintegrated into the governing body and sanctioned.

The three clubs who have refused to back down on their plans to have an alternative competition to the UEFA Champions League are working hard to ensure that they achieve their aims. 

A new report claims the company which formed the competition, A22, is seeking to cancel the sanctions that UEFA had meted out to the clubs who returned after their fans’ uproar forced them to abandon the idea.

Renowned New York Times journalist, Tariq Panja, who broke the news of the Super League back in April tweeted:

“New motion filed with Madrid court by A22, the company behind Super League. It is seeking to scrap the agreement UEFA signed with the 9 clubs- including 6 Premier League teams- after they backed away from the project. Would mean fines and penalties are annulled.

UEFA has five days to respond. A decision could take a few weeks but would be a huge blow if implemented.

A22 is also filing to make UEFA cancel the disciplinary against Juve, Real and Barca in its entirety. It’s currently “stayed” pending UEFA’s appeal against the April 18 injunction by the Madrid court.”

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