Several youngsters have been making progress through the ranks at Juventus recently, and the club is promoting the best of them.

The likes of Samuel Iling-Junior and Fabio Miretti have earned permanent places on their first team now, and more players are likely to join them.

Juve is keen to promote more as long as they prove they have what it takes to do well with the seniors.

Two players who have been impressive for the Bianconeri U19 side recently are Kenan Yildiz and Tommaso Mancini, but there is another name to keep an eye on.

A report on Il Bianconero reveals Nicolò Turco is having an amazing season with the Primavera side. He could also be promoted to the Next Gen team sooner than later.

Juve FC Says

Turco has not been talked about like some of his teammates, but that is a good thing because it means he gets to work hard and develop well outside the limelight.

The youngster will be keen to get his first team chance, and it will arrive if he continues to work hard and show he is now mature enough to play with the seniors and be unfazed.

Max Allegri will likely be watching him and will pick the right time to bring him to the senior squad.