Juventus is concerned about the difficulty of attracting top players due to their exclusion from the UEFA Champions League in the upcoming season. As a consequence of their punishment for transgressions in Italy, Max Allegri’s team will participate in the UEFA Conference League and have had ten league points deducted.

This limitation in European competition could impact their ability to sign high-profile players. However, reports suggest that two players they are targeting, Alvaro Morata and Nicolo Zaniolo, would not be deterred by the absence of Champions League football.

According to Il Bianconero, both Morata and Zaniolo are open to joining Juventus even without the lure of the Champions League. Morata, having previously played for Juventus, would consider returning to a familiar and comfortable environment. Meanwhile, Zaniolo is said to have a lifelong dream of representing Juventus.

Despite the lack of Champions League participation, Juventus still holds a significant appeal for these players, highlighting the enduring reputation and allure of the club.

Juve FC Says

Zaniolo and Morata are two top players and it is encouraging that both of them would jump at the chance to play for us.

We now have to work on deals to get them to Turin if both are a part of our plans for the upcoming season.