Following the deduction of ten league points, which effectively dashes Juventus’ hopes of securing a place in the Champions League next season, the Juventus Ultras have issued a statement expressing their sentiments.

With only a few matches remaining, the Bianconeri will strive to secure maximum points. However, the Ultras recognize that merely collecting points will not be sufficient to secure Champions League football for the club.

In recent days, Juventus has faced a series of legal battles that have overshadowed their campaign, resulting in significant disruptions. The club’s repeated trials for capital gains have been a source of turmoil, with an initial 15-point deduction successfully overturned. Unfortunately, the task of replicating that triumph seems arduous this time, given the imposition of the new punishment.

The Ultras firmly believe that the club is being unfairly targeted, amplifying their determination to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious in all legal proceedings.

They released a statement which reads, via Football Italia:

“I love you guys, that’s why I tell you not to despair for this umpteenth, horrible defeat. Because the chances of qualifying for Europe after today’s penalty were zero. As I told you a few hours ago, UEFA will now exclude Juve from all cups for at least 1 year.

“The Super League was decisive, they are the only ones in charge and they want to continue to be the only ones. We’ve reached the point where in society failures are rewarded. This season has been an aberrant crap. It’s a nightmare, it’s a real f*cking nightmare!”

Juve FC Says

It has been a terrible season for all of us who love Juventus, but we expect the club to get back on its feet again.

The former leaders let us down with some of their decisions and we expect much better from the current board.