Max Allegri admitted that he was not a part of the negotiations between Juventus and Paulo Dybala, but insists that his ‘worth’ to the side is obvious.

The Argentine forward is currently into the final season of his playing deal, and will be allowed to talk to foreign clubs in the coming months over a potential free transfer this summer.

This is a huge worry for Juve fans, who want nothing more than to see one of their best players continue to flourish in Turin, but the club has so far failed to secure his future with the club.

The manager has moved to reiterate his thoughts on how important a player he is however, seemingly reminding the player that he has become who is thanks to Juventus.

“As I’ve always said, the club is in charge of contracts and negotiations. It’s not up to me. But I’ve grown Dybala, he was a kid when he arrived here, now he has more experience and he is an extraordinary player,” Allegri said.

“He had to deal with some injuries in the first part of the season and everyone expects a lot from him, in terms of goals and performances. The player’s worth is not under question. Paulo is a great player.”

The manager’s comments can be taken both ways. In one instance, he seems to be reminding Paulo that he has a lot to thank the club for making him the player that he now is, while also assuring him that he is appreciated in Turin. On the other, he is claiming to have no input in the dealings that are happening behind the scenes, but his words could well have an effect on how this proceeds, not that I believe the board of Juve will have changed any of their thinking about his ability after his comments.