Journalist Paolo Rossi believes that Paul Pogba’s four-year ban from football is an excessively severe punishment, likening it to a life sentence.

The midfielder has been awaiting a verdict since he failed a drug test, resulting in his suspension from playing.

Pogba provided a defence, explaining how the banned supplement entered his system. Despite expecting a reasonable punishment, he has been handed a four-year ban, effectively terminating his playing career at the Allianz Stadium.

Refusing to accept the judgment, the midfielder has vowed to fight and clear his name, asserting that he is one of the biggest players to be banned for doping.

Reactions have been pouring in after the announcement of his ban, and according to Rossi, the judgment is harsh. However, he acknowledges that nothing can change the fact that Pogba was a phenomenal player when he first joined Juventus.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“They could have even given him a life sentence (as this is in fact, football-wise). Personally, nothing dirties the memory of the phenomenon that Pogba was and the pleasure of having seen him live.”

Juve FC Says

This is one of the worst ways for a player of Pogba’s calibre to end his career, and we hope he can clear his name on appeal.

Even if he gets a shorter-term punishment, it remains unlikely that Pogba will play for us again because he does not have much time left in the game.