Juventus Football Director Cristiano Giuntoli shies away from all discussions related to the future of Max Allegri at the club.

Great speculations are currently surrounding the manager’s fate. While his contract will expire in 2025, it is widely believed that he will either sign a new deal or walk away at the end of the season.

Allegri’s agent publicly claimed that his client deserves a renewal, implicitly urging the management to make the move.

For his part, Giuntoli remained coy when discussing the matter.

The former Napoli sporting director said that the club is satisfied with the coach’s work. Yet, he refused to give any hints regarding the future.

“Allegri’s words? Nothing has changed, at the right moment we will talk about the future,” said Giuntoli in his pre-match interview ahead of Juve’s clash against Napoli via La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“We are happy with his work, but we are also very focused on the present. At the right time, we will sit around a table to plan the future.”

The Juventus director also discussed Federico Chiesa’s form. The Italian was coming off a bad period before producing a solid showing at the Maradona despite his team’s 1-2 defeat.

“He has had some physical problems. It’s obvious that if the players aren’t 100% they won’t be very brilliant.

“We’re waiting for him to improve his condition and performance.”

Finally, Giuntoli admitted that his return to Naples is an emotional one having spent eight years in the city.

“Yes, for me it is It’s an emotional return to the Maradona. I haven’t met President De Laurentiis yet but I will gladly greet him.”