Nowgoal Livescore: The Newest, Best Way to Check Live Sports Scores Online!

April 4, 2020 - 5:00 am

Products are designed to add value to the lives of its users in some way or the other – Nowgoal’s Livescore tool does that and more. With a ton of integrated features and functionalities, it is poised to be a juggernaut in the space for years to come.

It has indeed happened to the best of us – sitting in perhaps a café or office, waiting for a meeting, appointment, or consultation to happen and all the while knowing that something else, something that you’d rather not miss, is also concurrently taking place. That thing is your favorite sports game. Haven’t you always wanted a versatile, convenient way to keep abreast with your favorite teams’ games in real time? I know I have.  The sheer hassle of googling the game and going through tens of search results to find the right one can be irksome and frustrating. This new platform wants to change that – Livescore is an easy-to-use application that takes you straight into the thick of the sporting action with one click – with no need for needless gestures or searches.

Indonesians live and breathe sports and Livescore was created for Indonesians. The app employs different features such as Indonesian language, as well as a few elements in the site design to make it more appealing to its target demographic. So, for those sports fans that are indisposed to watching a game for whatever reason, they can rest assured that they can catch up with the main action by going into the platform. The platform’s algorithm sources real time data, makes sense of the data and presents it in a legible, entertaining way for every user to peruse. In the end, Livescore compiles statistics on every game including scorelines, game dominance stats, fouls, line-ups, injuries, attendance statistics, team tactics, past performance records, and more. With a wide plethora of sports and events under its coverage umbrella, livescore manages to bring its users information on sports such as football, tennis, basketball, hockey, pool, and more from the entire country as well as the world at large.

As part of the developers’ aim of making Livescore a truly accessible and versatile experience, they have built the app for availability across the entire spectrum of popular mobile operating systems. This means that the platform is available on both iOS and Android, giving users unfettered access to it. Across platforms, Livescore is programmed to deliver consistent information to users. In addition to the aforementioned features, the platform also gives detailed calendars of sports events and matches as well as postonements (when they occur). It also allows within its interface for users to make certain customizations around when they would like to receive notifications, the theme in the app, and to register their favorite teams in order to receive more robust information around those teams.


Aside from regular sports fans and aficionados, Nowgoal Livescore also makes life easier for sports bettors as well. The platform has been purpose built to meld seamlessly with its sister platform, Spbobet, in order for sports bettors to get even more value. Most people placing bets on sporting events like to stay updated on the live action of the event and using Livescore, bettors can be informed in real time about a multitude of variables and outcomes surrounding the bets that they’d previously placed. This allows for users to maximize their chances at success with their bets, creating a more rewarding, much richer experience for users. With regards to features aimed squarely at bettors, the platform displays the going odds, according to bookmakers, around a particular game. This turns the platform into a unified tool for sports bettors and allows a more versatile set of use cases for them as well. This is not to say, however, that it somehow makes bets less risky. It just makes bets more informed. It also greatly reduces the probability for failure.

With the Livescore app, bettors can accurately keep tabs on their bet slips. It also allows users to monitor and check up on multiple games all at once, allowing them to properly gauge the situation of their bet slips and all the eventualities that they hedged on. This mitigates against the frustration of having to carry it out across multiple platforms. To sweeten the deal, the platform even offers users bonuses based on engagement and loyalty over a particular period of time.

A very apparent fact once logged on to Livescore is its focus on appealing to Indonesian fans in terms of many things like language and usage features. It of course can be accessed from outside the country, however, there is a palpable focus on the Indonesian demographic throughout the platform. Language options are Indonesian and more generously, English and users can switch between both at any point during their experience.

Also important to note is the added value users can gain by opening up an account on the platform. There are a multitude of quality-of-life features that sadly, can only be accessed on the platform using a registered account – things such as bookmarking, setting notifications, etc. This means that in order to take full advantage of all the features offered by the platform, an account is strongly advisable. The company operates a unified account across both its betting platform and the live score checker. This means that as long as you had previously created an account on either, you will be able to login on the other as well. This unified system makes it such that the cross-product user experience is completely seamless, automated, and hassle-free. Information collected from users are not stored with any malicious intent, and neither are they sold off to other corporations for use in activities such as target advertisements.

In conclusion, if you live in Indonesia, you probably won’t be able to do better than Livescore when it comes to finding a robust, everyday application for the dedicated sports fan. Whether you occasionally place bets or not, this app is a proven, pedigreed solution purpose-built for its users.

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