Federico Cherubini is leaving Juventus at the end of this month, 12 years after he began working at the club.

He rose through the ranks at Juve and became one of its key executives before the previous board resigned.

He was one of the most important people at the club when Fabio Paratici left, but the board ran the club into a lot of trouble.

Cherubini, like several other board members, was banned from the game for a short while, and Juve moved on with their lives.

The Bianconeri have since brought on a new board and a sporting director who is in charge of most of the club’s day-to-day affairs.

Some reports suggested that Cherubini would take another role at Juve when he returned from his ban, but that will not happen as the club has announced his departure.

A statement reads on its website:

“After over a decade in Turin, filled with many victories and achievements, Federico Cherubini’s adventure at Juventus will come to an end on 30 June.

“Arriving at Juventus from Foligno in 2012, Cherubini’s 12 years in black and white saw him involved in various capacities at the Club.

“Yet in each role he held, there was one common thread: competence and professionalism. And it’s with these two words that we sum up his 12 years at in Bianconero.”

Juve FC Says

Cherubini spent a decade working for us, and would wish his time on our books ended better, but we have moved on and wish him good luck.