After more than two years of conflicts and legal battles, Juventus have now decided to abandon the European Super League project and return to UEFA’s good graces.

Under the helm of former club president Andrea Agnelli, the Bianconeri acted as one of the main pillars of the controversial project.

In April 2021, twelve top European clubs announced the launching of the Super League. But due to public and political backlash, nine members retracted in the next 48 hours, leaving Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona as the last three rebels.

The trio has been embroiled in a major legal battle against UEFA, but it seems that the Turin-based giants have finally decided to succumb.

In a statement published on the club’s official website, Juventus announced their intention to leave the Super League.

The Bianconeri have begun the procedures to distance themselves from the project while stating that their exit requires previous authorization from the remaining members, namely Barcelona and Real Madrid.

What’s left unsaid is that this step is necessary for the new Juventus hierarchy in its quest to reach a settlement with UEFA.

The club will receive a one-year ban from European competitions, but it will only cost them a spot in the unprestigious Conference League.

Here is the full statement released by the club:

“Reference is made to our previous communication dated 6 June 2023, pursuant to which Juventus announced the commencement of a period of discussions with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, clubs not having hitherto announced their intention to exit the Super League project, in respect of Juventus’ proposed decision to exit from said project.

“Following such discussions, and given the existing discrepancies on the interpretation of the relevant contractual terms applicable to the Super League Project, Juventus confirms that it has initiated the procedure to exit therefrom, but it also acknowledges that, under the applicable contractual terms, its exit will be completed and effective only if previously authorized by Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and the remaining clubs involved in the Super League Project.”