A win for Juventus today and they will qualify for next season’s Champions League and this is the team that Max Allegri has announced.

The fifth spot in Serie A is guaranteed a Champions League berth for next season. Since Atalanta and Roma are playing each other today, a win for Juventus would make it mathematically certain that they will finish in a Champions League spot with a win this evening.

Salernitana has already been relegated and cannot move from the bottom position. They literally have nothing at all to play for. However, every team, regardless of their situation, always wants to get one over Juventus. You can take it to the bank that Salernitana will do everything within its power to spoil the party for Allegri and his men.

That said, if Juventus plays even half-decently, they really should beat a team as poor as Salernitana by at least a couple of goals.