Juventus have confirmed that Leonardo Bonucci has officially renewed his contract until 2021.

The centre-back had recently been linked with Manchester City and Cheslea, despite having turned down the opportunity to move in the summer.

“I have renewed until 2021! I chose the place where I became among the greats. I have only one objective, to keep winning!” Bonucci announced on his Twitter account.

“I’m glad and proud of this choice to continue on a glorious and increasingly victorious path until 2021.” He continued in an interview with the clubs official website.

“It makes me feel responsible, in a nice way. I feel part of a big family and that gets you working hard.

“It makes you want to always put yourself at the disposition of your teammates, helping in times of difficulty and celebrating together in moments of joy and happiness.

“These years are been full of victories and we are aware that from now on it will be increasingly difficult to get results, but life would be no good if there wasn’t anything to fight for.

“Our goal is to play every game to win and to keep getting better and better up until 2021. After that maybe we will go even further together, collecting many trophies.

“I always said that my improvement will end when I hang up my boots. It is a trivial phrase but it reflects my desire to improve myself, to always question my performances, and to never give up.”

“At Juve I have found some really great people in a technical, tactical, sporting, and moral sense that have helped me to grow.

“From the Coaches who have made me what I am today, to the President and figures such as Nedved,  Marotta and  Paratici. They give me and my teammates so much on a personal level.

“Off the field I’m lucky to be supported by an amazing wife who has given me two beautiful children.

“Not least I was lucky enough to meet a person who has given me so much in the way of motivational advice, and has helped me to grow so much from this point of view.

“Everyone knows that  Ferrarini is important to me and a thank you goes to my agent Lucci who has worked so hard for this renewal.

“He is proud that this Bonucci-Juventus duo will continue together. It’s a great love that started six, almost seven years ago and we’re fine, we are a family.

“I have so much desire to return to the field, making myself available to Coaches and teammates and to win with this shirt.

“I have many goals which are to become even more of a legend at this club, to still improve myself personally, and to continue to have this passion inside that helps me in times of trouble.

“I have to keep improving and we have to continue on this path made of humility, and sacrifice with the desire to always improve.

“I am even more responsible after this great renewal but for me it is only an advantage and an incentive to give more every day, in every training session, and every game.

“In every game I give something extra for this shirt, which feels like my own shirt.”