In 2021, Federico Chiesa established himself as one of the most coveted football players on the planet. The winger performed admirably under the tutelage of Andrea Pirlo at Juventus, before playing a vital part in Italy’s triumphant Euro 2020 campaign.

Sadly, 2022 turned out to be the exact opposite. The nightmarish year started with a devastating ACL injury which put him on the shelf for 10 months. The 25-year-old could only watch from afar the spectacular downfall of the Azzurri who were eliminated from the World Cup playoffs at the hands of North Macedonia in Palermo.

Therefore, Chiesa regrets missing out on the occasion, as he believes that he would have been able to lend a hand for his compatriots.

“With Italy, we are aiming for the Euro 2024,” said the former Fiorentina star in an interview with ANSA via Calciomercato.

“The match I would have liked to play at all costs is the one against North Macedonia, because I would have liked to lend a hand to my teammates, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible.

“I’ve grown on a human and mental level, as this injury puts you in front of many obstacles that I’ve never faced before.”

The Juventus man also revealed how he and his teammates must approach every match amidst the current legal crisis.

“We must aim to achieve our objectives. We will have to score as many points as possible, thinking of one match at a time.

“In 2023, I expect to play continuously. The goal is to get back in shape and find regular playing time.

“Unfortunately, I missed the last game due to fatigue, but it’s okay after a long injury and I have to say that I feel good physically.”