Juventus is one of the most defensively strong clubs in European football and their performance this season has remained true to that reputation.

Under Max Allegri, the Bianconeri always want to play safe at the back, even if it limits the number of goals they score.

Sometimes, they get criticised for how they play, but it often pays off, with the black and whites remaining one of the most successful clubs in Serie A.

This season, they have lost 15 points as a punishment but have remained solid at the back, as new reports show.

Football Italia reveals the black and whites have kept 15 clean sheets in Serie A this season.

Only Barcelona has a better record in all of Europe’s top five leagues with 17 and Maurizio Sarri’s Lazio has 12 clean sheets just behind the Bianconeri.

Juve FC Says

Critics can talk all they want, but the truth remains that Max Allegri’s Juventus is one of the finest teams in Europe and the Bianconeri manager deserves credit for how the boys have performed so far.

We need them to keep things tight at the back for the rest of the season as we chase a good end to the term despite the obstacles we face.