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Opinion: Agnelli may be bad for Football, but he remains Juve’s best option

May 6, 2021 - 5:00 pm

If it wasn’t already clear enough before, then the past few weeks have proved beyond any doubt, that the major football clubs are mostly run by greedy individuals who couldn’t care any less about the well-being of the beautiful game.

In this regard, Andrea Agnelli isn’t any different from his counterparts. In fact, the Juventus president was torched more than any other person in Italy for his role in instigating the controversial European Super League idea.

The Old Lady, same as the other 11 clubs involved, was thrown into the doomed plan by its patron, all to the dismay of football fans everywhere.

Therefore, it’s almost safe to say that Agnelli has obviously a bad influence on football in general.

However, it must be remembered, that as the leader of one of the biggest clubs in the world, the president owes his allegiance first and foremost to his team’s colors.

If twelve of the biggest football societies in the world all decided that they Must join the ESL, then perhaps the men involved were all doing their jobs in protecting the best interests of their clubs who are currently facing economic difficulties.

Whilst we’re not here to defend these patrons – they are wealthy enough to finance their own defenses – but it must be said that axing Agnelli at the moment with no adequate replacement on the horizon, could create larger crisis for the Bianconeri.

As we said above, Agnelli might be bad news for the lovers of pure football, but his role in helping Juventus restore their position on the domestic and continental level following the Calciopoli and the crisis that followed shouldn’t be forgotten.

Unlike some of the other directors who run other top clubs, Agnelli is far from being a mere corporate man. The man truly loves his team.

Although we don’t know much about EXOR vice-president Alessandro Nasi (who has been mentioned as a potential replacement), nothing in his background suggests that he cares too much about Juventus.

On the other hand, other options like Marcello Lippi and Alessandro Del Piero might be exciting at first, but are far from being realistic.

Therefore, if Agnelli manages to clean up the mess he made from the Super League announcement, then he remains the Old Lady’s best bet going forward.

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    Dennis May 6, 2021 at 6:59 pm

    I fear for Juve. Nothing seems to be going well at present. No positive and cheering news. So frustrating.