These days, Juventus coach Max Allegri and his Milan counterpart Stefano Pioli seem to have many things in common.

For instance, we’re talking about two managers who achieved great success at their respective clubs, but have apparently exceeded their welcome. Both of them have contracts valid until 2025, yet, neither is likely to see out his deal, with the two fanbases calling for their heads following another underwhelming campaign.

Ahead of their encounter on Saturday, Allegri and Pioli were even on the same page in the press room.

The Rossoneri manager was the first to speak to the media on Friday, taking the opportunity to aim a dig at Inter who celebrated the Scudetto title at his expense only a few days ago.

“Inter have had the strongest squad in Serie A for the last four years, but only won the title twice,” claimed Pioli.

Shortly afterwards, it was Allegri’s turn to echo his colleague’s statement.

“I don’t know if Inter have been the strongest over the last three years. However, I have always said that the Nerazzurri are the strongest this season. And they called me crazy for saying it,” said the Juventus boss while adding that “Pioli is doing a great job.”

In earnest, these two gentlemen do have a valid point. Inter undeniably have the most formidable squad in the Italian peninsula.

Nevertheless, is the extra quality that the Nerazzurri possess within their ranks enough to justify the outcome of a title race that officially ended in April? Is it sufficient to explain why Milan began the round 17 points adrift with Juventus even further behind?

The simple answer is No. The Rossoneri and the Bianconeri shouldn’t have been lagging behind by more than 10 points.

So how could we explain the outcome?

Well, this answer is simple as well: Besides boasting a superior squad, Inter also have a superior manager, one who has been making leaps and bounds while his two foes were becoming increasingly stagnant, perhaps even regressing on the tactical level.

So instead of belittling Simone Inzaghi’s role in his side’s triumph, making it seem as if Inter winning the Scudetto was a foregone conclusion from the very start, Allegri and Pioli could have taken the opportunity to make a statement on Saturday.

However, we must admit that the tepid goalless draw felt like an appropriate outcome based on the two clubs’ campaigns.

Admittedly, Juventus were the better side, but if they can’t score a single goal past this demoralized version of Milan (which also lacked four key figures at the back) then all hope is truly lost. As for the Rossoneri, they failed to forge a single shot on target in what was an embarrassing showing.

Therefore, it is past time for these two fine, yet, perplexed managers to take a long look in the mirror, admit their personal shortcomings, give Inzaghi his due, and walk into the sunset, as Juventus and Milan both deserve fresh, ambitious and progressive men at the helm.