Sports are all about ups and downs. One team rises to the top while another takes the fall. This phenomenon has been taking place since the beginning of times.

However, Juventus fans can be excused for having forgotten about this entire process. After all, a nine-year winning dynasty can spoil even the most realistic of supporters.

But as they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Following some questionable decisions by the hierarchy, pointless managerial changes and a declining squad, the Old Lady has suffered a spectacular fall from grace.

Last season witnessed the end of the winning dynasty, but a Coppa Italia triumph and a dramatic fourth place finish saved face for Andrea Pirlo’s men.

The young tactician eventually paid the price for the underwhelming campaign, and the return of a proven winner was supposed to fix the majority – if not the entirety – of the club’s problems on the pitch.

Nevertheless, we’re eleven rounds into the Serie A campaign, and Max Allegri’s side has fallen to almost unprecedented lows.

So here’s the status-quo:

Juventus are low on cash which mostly prevents them from truly bolstering their squad, and no manager has been able to prove himself as a significant addition to the club.

Therefore, with a gloomy present and perhaps and even bleaker future, the Bianconeri are floating in midtable while lacking a clear direction.

In short, this could be the official start of the Banter Era.

Anyone who’s willing to take a look at the modern day jungle called “Social Media” will notice how the majority of the other Italian clubs’ supporters are taking particular pleasure in Juve’s downfall.

After all, we’re talking about a team that has always been hated for its success on the pitch, and we can expect the rest to kick us for as long as we’re down.

However, one must not lose hope. Everyone at the club – from players, managers and directors – must take responsibility and start fighting as if their lives depend on it.

Realistically speaking, the Scudetto battle is none of our concerns anymore, and even Champions League qualification is getting more and more complicated with every embarrassing defeat.

Nonetheless, there are more important battles to fight for the Old Lady – first and foremost, the battle to restore the club’s pride.

One thing is for sure, the next few months could be decisive for the club’s future, and hopefully the team can start showing signs of improvement that can be built upon for the years to come.

Otherwise, we’ll have to admit the harsh reality and announce the official beginning of the Banter Era.