It’s not a secret that the Coppa Italia is far from being anyone’s favorite competition.

Although the domestic cup tournaments will never be able to compete with the popularity of the league competitions, but at least in some countries, the local federations try their best to make it as appealing as possible.

For instance, the English pride themselves with the FA cup, a competition which allows the smallest of the conference sides to have their once in a lifetime opportunity against a certain Premier League giant in a modern day David versus Goliath battle.

They call it the magic of the FA cup.

Unfortunately, no such magic is at disposal for Calcio fans, who instead have to endure watching almost the same weekend fixtures once again, but with substitutes taking part instead.

The Coppa Italia, at least in its current format which allows the top eight Serie A teams to skip their way until the round of 16, is far from an exciting competition.

Although having to play few extra matches throughout the second part of the season shouldn’t usually be such a big issue, but during the extremely packed 2020-2021 campaign, Juventus can barely afford to play anymore midweek matches, especially those that last 120 minutes.

The Bianconeri were relieved to avoid an embarrassing elimination against Genoa last night, but instead they will be rewarded with extra midweek fixtures.

Juve’s main two Scudetto rivals Milan and Inter will enjoy a much lighter schedule. Although the Rossoneri will have to play in Europa League, but the continent’s secondary competition allows them to rest some of their key players. On the other hand, the Nerazzurri are completely out of the European competitions for the rest of the season.

For their part, in addition of having to play in the Champions League, the Old Lady will have to meet Napoli in the Italian Super cup this month, as well as facing the Partenopei once again for the rescheduled Matchday 3 fixture.

Furthermore, Juventus have to ask themselves what do they gain from winning this competition.

In the case where the Bianconeri fail to deliver the Scudetto title as well as the Champions League trophy, then a Coppa Italia triumph would do very little to lift the spirit of the disappointed Juve fans.

And on the contrary, if Juventus manage to win the league title and enjoy a successful European campaign, then no fan would have sleepless night over losing the domestic cup.

In conclusion, a side like Juventus must compete on all fronts, but during the current packed campaign, Andrea Pirlo would do well to rest his biggest names during the Coppa Italia ties, as the club’s priorities definitely lie elsewhere.