Juventus’ fine form in recent domestic games had given us all hopes that they will still win the league title this season.

They are always one of the teams to beat for the title and Napoli defeated them yesterday.

That loss was practically the end of their title challenge if we are to be real with ourselves.

Games like that have to be won and they lost it. They now have to depend on the results of the other teams while they win their remaining games.

There is no guarantee that Juve will win their remaining games of the season and the others wouldn’t.

I think the league title is a lost cause now, thankfully we still have the chance of winning the Champions League.

Andrea Pirlo admitted that a lack of sharpness brought about by a hectic schedule played some part in Juve’s poor showing yesterday.

This makes it even more important for us to now channel our energy towards one competition – the Champions League.

We haven’t won that trophy in more than 20 years, trying to still win the league reduces our chance of winning it this season.

With so many games to play, and just a few fit players to execute them, I think we should work towards a top-four finish and winning the Champions League, that would not make this a bad season.

By Antonio