This has been a poor season for Juventus and it is one that they will never want to experience again.

After winning nine straight league titles, no one would have thought they would be fighting for a top-four place in this campaign.

We can argue that one reason for that is that they made an inexperienced Andrea Pirlo their latest manager.

But Juve started showing cracks from last season when Inter Milan rallied late to close the gap between both teams at the top of the league table.

Pirlo’s inexperience has contributed, but a change was inevitable and Juve probably never prepared for it.

Naming Pirlo our new manager hasn’t worked out to perfection, but our older squad members also haven’t shown as much commitment as they did in previous seasons.

Perhaps they are tired or need more time with Pirlo to understand his demands, but this season wouldn’t have been that much better under another manager, I’d argue.

If Juve keeps him on as manager, they should back him with new players in the summer and they will also need time to blend in.

Thinking that a new manager will turn us into champions again next season is also overly positive.

I reckon that Pirlo will need another season to get this team firing again and a new manager would also need at least one season to get his ideas across to the players. 

So we have to prepare for another poor season before our team returns to the top.