Last summer, Fiorentina fans were left with a bitter taste in their mouths, as yet another one of their favorite sons committed “high treason” by making the move to Turin.

On the heels of an impressive first season at Juventus, the winger shone on the international level by playing a major role in Italy’s triumphant Euro 2020 campaign.

After being relegated to the bench, the young man forced his way into the first lineup with a brilliant extra-time goal against Austria, and was on target once again in the semi final clash against Spain, before putting on a big display in the final facing the Englishmen.

Therefore, the former Viola star earned the appreciation of all observers, and the transfer offers are raining upon the Old Lady – with Chelsea reportedly offering a staggering 100 million euros (The Mirror).

For a club that is currently facing financial difficulties, the idea of selling one star in order to re-invest the money on another two or three class players could be enticing.

And yet, it’s a temptation that the Bianconeri MUST resist at all costs.

In Chiesa, Juventus possess a unique type of player, which explains why all the big sharks in Europe are circling around him.

The 23-year-old may not a mercurial once in a lifetime talent like Roberto Baggio, or even a technical genius like Alessandro Del Piero, but his attributes are still very rare in this day and age.

Fede possesses a blistering pace, combined with the ability to maintain the ball close to his feet whilst running, plus some brilliant shooting skills that he must have inherited from his father, Enrico.

But above all, Chiesa’s best characteristic could be his undeniable courage that enables him to run straight at the fiercest of defenders, while knowing that he’ll be able to drift away from them with his sublime dribbling at the very last second, giving himself just enough space to unleash his strike towards goal.

If the Old Lady were to release her newly-established star, the cash could well be spent on players who might turn out to be disappointing flops, whilst losing a unique player who can fill the void that will be left once Cristiano Ronaldo decides to leave the club.

Moreover, with Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci living the autumn of their careers, strong characters are needed to guide the squad towards the future, and in Chiesa, Juventus might just have the ultimate leader of the next generation.

In conclusion, Chelsea’s offer for Chiesa isn’t enough, and neither would be a bigger offer.