Despite Genoa’s horrendous campaign, Andrea Cambiaso cemented himself as one of the true revelations of Serie A last season.

The young left-back’s exploits caught the attention of the big boys, but it was Juventus who eventually won the race for his signature, as Federico Cherubini and company identified him as the long-term replacement of Alex Sandro.

However, it remains to be seen where the Italian will spend the next campaign, as the Bianconeri may consider sending him on loan in order to gain additional Serie A experience.

Yet, this might not be the best option based on the experience of another two left-backs.

The first is Leonardo Spinazzola, who later gained fame on the international stage for his heroics during Euro 2020.

Nonetheless, the Italy international only reached this stage after leaving Juventus and signing for Roma.

During his time with the Bianconeri, Spinazzola was mostly an afterthought. He endured several loan spells before making his breakthrough with Atalanta.

His successful spell in Bergamo warranted him a chance with Max Allegri’s squad, but despite his fine performances, he was still overlooked in favor of others, perhaps perceived as a journeyman rather than a bona fide star worthy of the black and white jersey.

Therefore, Juventus swapped Spina for the young Luca Pellegrini, but the latter didn’t fare any better. 

Once again, the management insisted on the mandatory loan spells, and by the time the left-back returned to Turin, he was already stripped of all the excitement and intrigue that accompanied his initial arrival.

Therefore, Juventus must learn from their previous mistakes and give Cambiaso a baptism of fire rather than pampering him with unnecessary loan stints that end up backfiring.

After all, the man is already 22, an age at which players are no longer deemed as youngsters in the rest of Europe, and it’s about time that Italy follows suit.

Perhaps he’ll make it, perhaps he won’t, but Juventus mustn’t waste several years to find out whether Cambiaso will swim or drown in the deep waters.