On most occasions, the end of the season is accompanied by a melancholic feeling. This is the time when football fans start contemplating how they’ll go through the next couple of months without their beloved club – of course getting a new hobby or spending more time with loved ones are viable options, but we know better at this point.

But for Juventus, the end of the campaign might actually be a reason to celebrate rather than feeling sorrowful about it. Because after watching what has become a degenerated version of the team aimlessly sailing towards the finish line, the end has become a genuine relief for the supporters… and perhaps for the players themselves.

Now surely sealing a top four spot with three rounds to spare left the side completely unmotivated, but the shade of a team that we witnessed on Saturday against Fiorentina regressed into a shameful disaster.

This isn’t the first time the Bianconeri put together a negative run after achieving its objectives, but this season, the team had already been displaying poor performances, hence, an additional slump was unaffordable.

Prior to the match, we explained why Juventus had 39 reasons to try their best to beat Fiorentina and sabotage their European plans, but that article turned out to be an utter waste of everyone’s time, because Max Allegri and his men never planned to play football at the Artemio Franchi.

Thankfully, the end of the season means that we can now fully focus on the transfer market (it’s not as if the Bianconeri weren’t already devoted to it), and the circulating news reports suggest that the squad will look very different to the current one by August.

While that would be encouraging for sure, the horror shows produced by the current crop throughout the season will surely leave a stain on the club for years to come, and Allegri (the man who architected and defended the team’s shortcomings) will still be sitting in the dugout once the next campaign kicks off.

So unless the tactician manages to take his game up a notch and redeem himself following his absolute worst campaign in Turin, then we could be set for another disastrous season, regardless of the identity of the new players.