On the biggest of stages, we can always expect some new stars to rise, whilst others take the fall.

This process can be witnessed in almost every major tournament, where some of the fans and observers decide to judge a player’s career (which usually lasts around 20 years) based on the performances he displays over the course of few weeks.

Unfortunately for Alvaro Morata, he ended up being the star to receive more criticism than any other player in the tournament, and even received horrifying threats and insults directed towards him and his family members.

Yes, even us Juventus fans must admit that our man wasted some good goal-scoring opportunities throughout the tournament, but this has been the case with the 28-year-old throughout his career. He tends to miss some easy chances, only to come back and score at the most decisive of moments.

In fact, the Bianconeri star scored three goals in his six appearances in the tournament – and two of them coming at crucial timings.

Whilst the Spanish media insisted that Morata gets dropped from the lineup, we’ve seen how La Roja failed to find the back of the net after he left the pitch against Switzerland, despite playing with a one-man advantage for almost an hour of play.

Moreover, in the semi finals against Italy, the Spaniards dominated possession, but lacked the cutting edge in the striker’s absence, until he came off the bench to secure a late equalizer and take the match to extra time.

However, even at their most ecstatic moment of Euro 2020, some sad excuse of human beings planned to wreck the joy of the Moratas. Alvaro’s wife, Alice, revealed that she received all type of insults and threats from some of her Italian compatriots following her husband’s goal in the Azzurri net.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

The Juventus star must have wondered if someone had cursed him with some sort of an evil spell, and his nightmare of a tournament couldn’t end with any other way than it did – by seeing his crucial spot kick saved in the penalty shootouts.

For Spain and Morata, Euro 2020 reached its dramatic and yet expected end. Juve’s number 9 will now head to a short but necessary vacation, before rejoining his safe haven in Turin, where he’ll be welcomed by some loving familiar faces.