Due to the never-ending action between the pitch, the backroom and even the courts, we haven’t been able to finalize the series of the “Last five players” (you can press on the following links to read our previous installments: Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten).

But with the World Cup reaching its end and no Serie A fixtures until January 4, we’ll take advantage of the lack of action to revisit the past by ranking the last five players to don the number three at Juventus.

5. Michele Paramatti (2000-2002)

Michele Parmatti was a versatile defender who primarily operated at left-back. He arrived to Juventus at the age of 30 following a memorable spell at Bologna.

While it wasn’t a terrible stint by any means, the Italian was essentially a squad player who added some depth and experience to the defensive department.

After taking part in the ecstatic celebrations following the iconic May 5 triumph, Paramatti return to Bologna, fulfilling his promise to the Rossoblu fans.

4. Zoran Mirkovic (1998-2000)

For Zoran Mirkovic, it’s a case of what would have been. The Serbian was an incredibly versatile defender who could also serve in midfield. He caught the attention of Marcello Lippi during his impressive time at Atalanta.

Sadly for the centre-back, the war in Yugoslavia caused him great sorrows, and on one occasion, he had to leave Juventus in order to be beside his loved ones at home.

Moreover, Mirkovic’s playing time diminished when the Bianconeri replaced Lippi with Carlo Ancelotti, and the divorce become inevitable.

3. Gleison Bremer (2022-present)

While raking the Brazilian’s time at Juventus is incredibly premature at this point, he temporarily lands in the middle of the pack based on the positive initial signs showcased during his first few months at Continassa, while taking into account the club’s turbulent times.

2. Alessio Tacchinardi (2002-2005)

When 19-year-old Alessio Tacchinardi joined Juventus in 1994, players didn’t even have designated shirt numbers.

In 1996, the Italian adopted the number 20, but for one reason or another, he donned the number 3 during his final three full campaigns at the club.

During these years, the industrious midfielder displayed some of his finest performances with a mix of hard-work and skills, which is enough to warrant him the runner’s up spot.

1. Giorgio Chiellini (2005-2022)

With all due respect to Antonio Cabrini and all the great players who wore this jersey, Giorgio Chiellini is undoubtedly the most iconic number 3 in Juve’s history.

The legendary captain simply embodied the club’s warrior-like spirt, writing his own chapter in the club’s history book with blood, sweat and tears.

For 17 years, the Old Lady was fortunate to have one of the best defenders in his generation as her unyielding loyal servant.