Based on the recent news reports, Juventus are facing some uncertainties regarding the future of their two biggest stars.

For different and yet similar reasons, Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala could both end up leaving the club next summer – Alvaro Morata as well, but that’s a different story for another day.

Whilst some circulating reports might go as far as suggesting that both strikers would be departing Turin this summer, such scenario still seems to be unlikely – at least at this point.

However, the possibility of one or the other leaving is getting more and more concrete with every passing day.

But if one of them is about to walk out in the next few months, then who would it be?

Although we have been following the latest reports up-close, this article is based on our own speculations, so it shouldn’t be taken as a news report.

For several years now, voices all around the club have been calling for the management to build the team around Dybala.

Whilst this prospect was definitely being considered at a certain period, the arrival of Ronaldo in 2018 served as a burial for such proposal.

Three years later, a case can still be made in favor of restarting that project, as building a side around a 27-year-old makes more sense than planning for a future revolved around a 36-year-old.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, money talks.

Both stars have contracts that will expire in 2022, whilst the negotiations for renewals are not going anywhere.

However, only one of the them is happy with his current deal, and that man is Ronaldo who earns an astonishing wage of 31 million euros per season.

On the other hand, the Argentine is refusing to sign a renewal that would take him from 7 to 10 millions per year, as he is reportedly asking for a higher figure.

For this reason, The Portuguese would be more willing to bind his time and play another season at the Allianz stadium – even if his relationship with the club and its fans have taken a few hits lately.

Moreover, if this summer represents the last opportunity for Juventus to sell these two attackers for a transfer fee, then Dybala is the one with the higher market value – considering his age – and the club would hate to lose him for free a year later.

Therefore, the financial numbers show that La Joya’s exit could be a little more likely than that of CR7.

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