Since the start of the campaign, Max Allegri has been repeatedly reshuffling with his lineups. But in the vast majority of playing positions, the pecking order has been clear to see, as we have been mostly able to predict which players would be favored ahead of others.

Nevertheless, the situation has been a bit more complicated at left-back, with three players vying for one role and were forced to share the limelight.

While injuries meant that the three have rarely been all fit and available at the same time, Alex Sandro, Mattia De Sciglio and Luca Pellegrini will all contend for a spot in the final stretch of the season.

So which one should prevail? First, let’s check out the pros and cons for every contender.

Alex Sandro

Pros: The Brazilian is a member of Allegri’s old guard. He is vastly experienced, and has seen it all.

Cons: Unfortunately, the former Porto man has become a shadow of his former self. Although he’s not exactly finished as a player, he no longer provides a menacing presence on the flank.

Mattia De Sciglio

Pros: Since his return from Lyon, the Italian has been composed and consistent. He has contributed in a string of assists for his teammates and even scored a memorable winner at the Stadio Olimpico against Roma.

Cons: The Milan youth product has been playing at top clubs for almost a decade now. While he remains a decent option, it’s clear that he has his limitations and won’t reach the required level that enables him to hold a starting spot at Juventus.

Luca Pellegrini

Pros: The 23-year-old is young, energetic and has been improving since the start of the season. He managed to catch the eye with his attacking prowess.

Cons: The former Roma man has been inconsistent, with some of his performances leaving much to be desired.


With Sandro’s career in decline, the sooner the club ends its collaboration with him the better. This season, he has done very little to justify a starting role ahead of the Italian duo.

As for De Sciglio, his ability to serve on either side renders him an important squad option, but at the age of 29, Allegri must realize that he’s not a top-notch fullback.

Therefore, the young Pellegrini could be worth the bet after all. The man has been defying the odds since the start of the season, and displayed just enough promise to warrant a regular start, with his latest performance against Cagliari suggesting that he still has more to show between now and the end of the campaign.

So who’s your pick?