Throughout its long and elusive history, Juventus has always been regarded as a club that puts substance above style.

While today’s sport is filled with showmanship and bizarre antics, the Bianconeri try to maintain a professional and stern image, and expect their players to behave in a serious manner.

But even inside the black and white castle, we still find a handful of stars who will break the norm with their unique personalities.

So let’s take a look at the five most colorful characters in the Juventus squad.

5- Alvaro Morata

Despite his clean cut look, Alvaro Morata does have a naughty side. Those who follow him on social media know all about it, as the Spaniard repeatedly pranks his wife Alice, who is by far his favorite victim (or perhaps she just happens to be around).

To her credit, Alice is often a good sport, absorbing his husband’s boyish behavior with a smile. (But we certainly don’t know if that’s case off-camera as well).

4- Leonardo Bonucci

When it comes to Leonardo Bonucci, we’re talking about one of the most accomplished defenders of his generation. But the short fused veteran has a wild side.

We all remember how the center back left Juventus in favor of Milan in 2017 following a series of rows, or how he almost attacked an Inter official during the Italian Super Cup in January.

3- Carlo Pinsoglio

Whether it’s the broad smile or the booming voice, Juventus fans simply love their charismatic third goalkeeper. Even Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t help but befriend the charming custodian.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the Bianconeri bench had to make up for the absent crowds by supporting their teammates on the pitch, and Pinsoglio was always the one leading the chorus.

2- Juan Cuadrado

Speaking of charisma, this man simply oozes with personality. Whether he’s easily slipping past his marker, celebrating a goal with his infamous dance or just arriving to training with his lay-back attitude, you can’t help but love La Vespa.

1 – Weston McKennie

When you become the first American to sign for Juventus, you’re place in the archives is already cemented.

However, this honor wasn’t enough for the Weston McKennie. No, the young Texan was going to make a name for himself with his bigger-than-life personality.

Some of his teammates even claimed that he lives in a world of his own, nevertheless, all of them will admit that he’s the funniest member of the squad, and the one who’s able to lift the mood around the Allianz Stadium.

While the midfielder’s actions often blur between harmless jokes and rule-breaking behaviors, the majority of the supporters would often give him the benefit of the doubt, mostly thanks to his delightful personality.