On Saturday night, another hectic Juventus campaign drew to a close. While this one lacked the legal troubles that stole the limelight last season, the Bianconeri managed to create chaos without any intervention from the public prosecutor for a change.

From a cautiously optimistic start to a mid-season collapse and then a Coppa Italia triumph that witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly one eventful evening in Rome.

Throughout all the drama, several Juventus stars failed to deliver their best displays, or at least weren’t able to maintain their consistency. Many fans and observers pointrd the finger at Max Allegri’s rigid tactics as a key factor that prevented the players from producing the best.

But while none of the Bianconeri stars enjoyed a sensational campaign, some at least managed to impress more often than not, playing an integral role in achieving Champions League qualification and winning the domestic cup.

So here are our Top Five Juventus stars for the 2023/24 campaign:

5. Weston McKennie

The American was arguably the biggest surprise of the season given how inconsistent he was during his first two and a half years at Juventus.

The management even tried to get rid of him last year by sending him to Leeds, but he returned in the summer and managed to earn his way back to Allegri’s starting lineup and become a stalwart.

Surely none of us expected the Texan to hit double-digits on the assists charts.

4. Wojciech Szczesny

Aside from his howlers in Sassuolo, the Pole was superb between the sticks, pulling off jaw-dropping saves on several occasions.

If this is to be his last campaign in Turin before he makes way for Michele Di Gregorio, then he’s certainly leaving on a high note.

3. Dusan Vlahovic

Perhaps the Serie A Striker of the Season Award was a bit of a stretch, but the Serbian surely turned the page this term following an abysmal 2022/23 campaign.

Juventus fans still expect him to improve and become more clinical in front of goal, but there were times when he managed to carry the team on his back.

Moreover, scoring 18 goals per season for a club that at times lacked any sort of creativity and cohesion is a feat that mustn’t be taken lightly.

2. Andrea Cambiaso

The Italian’s emergence onto the scene was one of the few bright spots of an overly disappointing campaign for Juventus.

The 24-year-old presented himself as a generous and technical footballer capable of playing in a variety of roles.  He proved to be a protagonist on several grand occasions, including the Coppa Italia final with a winning assist for Vlahovic.

1. Gleison Bremer

While this season was a letdown in general, it might have easily been catastrophic if it wasn’t for the reassuring presence of the Brazilian who has now established himself as one of the most resolute defenders on the Old Continent.

The 27-year-old is a physical beast who relishes one-on-one duels and is also capable of inflicting damage on the opposite end of the pitch as evidenced by his three goals.

We can only hope the management doesn’t cash in on his services this summer.