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Opinion: Three Juventus-related takeaways from England-Italy

June 12, 2022 - 10:00 pm

Even though a Nations League fixture in an almost-empty Molineux Stadium was never going to recapture the charm of a prestigious Wembley final, the rematch between England and Italy left a lot to be desired and was below the expectations.

Nevertheless, the Azzurri were more than happy to collect a point from a scrappy draw away from home and maintain their lead at the top of a tough group with five points from three matches.

There was also some positive news from Juventus, who were represented by two Italians in the starting formation following an unusual two-match drought.

So here are three takeaways related to the Bianconeri from clash in Wolverhampton.

Splendid debut

While most of us had struggled to get a glimpse at our January signing Federico Gatti, his Italy debut finally brought the defender to light.

For a player who never featured in top tier football in his career, he never looked out of sort while going against on of the most prestigious nations in world football.

The 23-year-old held his own against Tammy Abraham and even had the upper-hand over the Roma striker.

This impressive debut is a sign of great things to come for Max Allegri’s new center back, even if it remains insufficient to draw major conclusions.

Fine Regista

Manuel Locatelli’s best role has been a topic of great debate. Last season, the Italian mostly acted as a deep-lying playmaker with some varying levels of success.

Thus, Roberto Mancini decided to thrust the former Sassuolo man in the Regista role, and the latter repaid his trust with a dominating performance in the middle, as he picked up his teammates with sublime loan balls while also acting as a shield in front of the backline.

While many still believe that he offers his best as a box-to-box midfielder, his display against the Three Lions proves that the 24-year-old can be a fine Regista when provided with the right company.

Frattesi Watch

As it’s often the case, Italy’s lineups must include one or more players who are monitored by Juventus. Perhaps the latest example was Davide Frattesi who acted as a Mezzala on Locatelli’s right side.

Now surely the Sassuolo star displayed his prowess as a capable box-to-box midfielder – making timely runs to the box and threatening to score on a couple of occasions – but he’s yet to suggest that he’s the type of players who can significantly raise the quality of the squad and make the difference on a consistent basis.

Therefore, the 22-year-old might be an interesting idea for Juventus, but shouldn’t be a priority for the time being.

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