Despite turning the tide in their favor early in the second half with back-to-back goals, Juventus couldn’t navigate their way towards the finishing line, as they gave away a penalty kick that forced extra-time.

At the end of the day, Ivan Perisic scored twice for Inter who sealed their first Coppa Italia triumph since 2011, and subsequently ensuring that their arch rivals end the season empty-handed.

While there were surely several reasons behind the Bianconeri’s late collapse, here are the three main causes in our humble opinion.

Out of Fuel

Unfortunately for Max Allegri, he reached the grand finale at a time when his squad was almost out of fuel on the back of another grueling season filled with injury setbacks.

On the right flank, neither Danilo nor Juan Cuadrado looked sharp after returning from slight knocks. The Brazilian was taken off before half-time while the Colombian put an uncharacteristically uninspiring display against a side that he usually shines against.

Moreover, Manuel Locatelli rushed his return from injury but he obviously needed some minutes in his legs before such major clash.

At the end of the day, Simone Inzaghi was able to rely on a formidable host of substitutes which reenergized his side in the second half, while Juventus players were unable to maintain pace for 120 minutes.

Wrong Decisions

Kudos to Allegri for making a brave substitution in the first half, bringing in Alvaro Morata in favor of Danilo. However, this is where the manager’s praise ends, as the rest of his decisions slowly but surely destroyed the team’s hopes of coming out with a victory.

The tactician introduced Leonardo Bonucci to solidify the defense and switched to a three-man backline, but the latter gave away a spot kick. Arthur and Moise Kean also entered the field without adding anything noteworthy, while Luca Pellegrini should have started instead of Alex Sandro, but he remained on the bench for 90 minutes.

Moreover, taking off creative players like Paulo Dybala and even Federico Bernardeschi wrecked the whole tempo of the team.


We spoke about the physical aspect and Allegri’s shortcomings, but truth to be told, Inter is simply a stronger side than Juventus on the large scale.

The Nerazzurri’s depth, quality, experience and shrewdness saw them overcoming the Old Lady for the third time this season, and it’s about time that we recognize the contemporary superiority of the team built by Giuseppe Marotta.