For a slight period of time, one would think he was watching a replay from reverse fixture. Yes, the timing and location were different, but the outcome was almost the same. Juventus took the lead in the first half following an early onslaught before leaving the initiative to Venezia who clawed back to the match with a fabulous equalizer from Mattia Aramu.

It all felt like a déjà vu, but thankfully, Leonardo Bonucci sealed the win with his personal second on his 35th birthday to put the Old Lady on the cusp of Champions League qualification.

So here are our three takeaways from the Bianconeri’s uninspiring display on Sunday’s early kickoff.

Convincing Debut

Let’s begin with the positives, shall we? After being teased for several months, we finally witnessed the full debut of Fabio Miretti, and it was all that was promised, and perhaps a bit more.

The midfielder is only 18 years of age, but you wouldn’t tell it on the back of a composed and confident display. The teenager displayed maturity well-beyond his age, while also showcasing his ability on the ball with some direct and vertical passing.

More, please!

Worrying Signs?

Now to the less exciting observation: Dusan Vlahovic has looked out of sorts recently. Even when he scored against Verona and Cagliari, his performances lacked the sharpness witnessed during his time at Fiorentina and his earlier outings at Juventus.

So should we be worried about the form of our big January signing?

Well, the man has been barely given any rest this season. And sometimes, we tend to forget that a new player (especially a young one) requires a certain adjusting period, regardless of his price tag.

The bomber will probably restore his full powers after a well-deserved summer vacation and a first pre-season in Turin.

Leo’s Great Importance

While Bonucci might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s time to recognize his great service to the cause after taking the team off the hook with a personal brace. Plus, it’s his birthday. So whatever resentful feelings you might have towards him, it can wait for another day.

But on a serious note, the veteran defender once again proved that Juventus still need the old guard (or whatever is left of it) to grind results at times when the team is unable to produce convincing displays.

The 35-year-old showcased all his grit and determination on the second goal, when he pounced on a goalmouth scramble to put the ball over the line (similar to his equalizer in the Euro 2020 final).

So with Giorgio Chiellini potentially leaving at the end of the season, Leo’s presence becomes more paramount than ever.