Last month, Juventus secured the signing of Gleison Bremer who crowned himself as the best defender in Serie A last season.

This may turn out to be one of the best coups of the summer. But is it enough?

Perhaps Max Allegri could use another new centre back, and here are some of the reasons why.

Two Major Departures

With around 24 hours separating the departure of Matthijs de Ligt from the arrival of Bremer, it’s easy to recognize the latter as a direct replacement for the former.

But even prior to the Dutchman’s sale, Juventus were already in the market fishing for the successor of the legendary Giorgio Chiellini.

While some would argue that the club already has the ideal heir in the form of Federico Gatti, others feel that the Bianconeri must add a more accomplished profile to the fold.

Five is the Magical Number

At the moment, the Old Lady possesses four natural central defenders (Bonucci, Bremer, Rugani and Gatti). Of course Danilo would act as an extra in times of difficulties, but we all remember a time when having five centre backs was the norm.

While Bremer is surely a wonderful addition, Bonucci has been struggling with injuries lately as a consequence to father time, while Rugani appears shorter on confidence with every campaign he spends on the bench, and Gatti remains an unknown quality at this point.

A decent fifth defender would surely please the manager and offer him more guarantees at the back.

Tactical Fluidity

Even though Allegri is building a 4-3-3 formation, he has always displayed a knack for tactical tinkering, even switching from four at the back to a three-man defense.

But as his mentor Giovanni Galeone pointed out, the squad would need at least one more defender if the manager wishes to switch to 3-5-2 at certain instances during the course of the campaign.

Thus, a fifth defender would provide Max with enough depth to tweak his lineups when deemed necessary.