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Opinion: Why Juventus must take the Coppa Italia seriously this sesaon

February 10, 2022 - 5:00 pm

Unfortunately for Italian football, the current format applied for the Coppa Italia is far from intriguing.

Unlike the English FA Cup which allows entry for clubs at the very bottom of the pyramid, its Italian counterpart is simply an elitist competition.

The big Serie A boys begin their adventure from the round of 16, paving the way for the most familiar names to reach the final stages year after year.

If you’re looking for a fairytale story, you’re not going to find it in the Italian Cup.

But despite the lack of interest in the competition, Juventus must take it seriously… at least this season.

Besides from having the obligation to try and win every match in every competition, the Coppa Italia offers the Bianconeri the best chance to win silverware this year.

Max Allegri’s men failed to beat Inter in the Italian Super Cup (which can hardly be considered as an actual trophy anyway), while the Scudetto remains a highly unlikely objective due to the disappointing first half of the campaign.

Now surely the club has the right to dream about winning the Champions League, but the fact remains that other European giants are far more equipped at the moment.

Therefore, the Coppa Italia could be the club’s opportunity to prevent a trophy-less campaign – which is never is a desirable prospect at Juventus.

Moreover, Allegri had proven himself to be a cup expert during his first stint at the club, winning the Italian Cup on four occasions, and only relinquishing the trophy during his last season in Turin.

Therefore, winning the tournament would send a  strong signal for the competitors that the Bianconeri are to be feared again, and will be aiming to the reclaim the Scudetto crown next season.

Finally, let’s not forget that Juventus are the current title holders after lifting the trophy last season under the guidance of Andrea Pirlo.

The Maestro was later sacked as his achievements were deemed insufficient.

So if the previous campaign was described as a letdown (despite the Coppa Italia triumph), then taking a step back and finishing without a single trophy would paint Allegri’s returning season in a rather gloomy light.

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