Whether we like or not, we Juventus fans have no other option but to acknowledge the fact that we’re currently witnessing Paulo Dybala’s last few months in black and white.

For seven years, the Argentine has been one of the club’s main source of inspiration on the pitch. An enigma who’s able to untie all knots with a divine magical touch.

Of course that hasn’t always been the case, as the 28-year-old had to endure some frustrating campaigns as of late due to recurring injury problems.

Nevertheless, La Joya remains one of the most talented players of his generation, and the burden of replacing him on the pitch will be an extremely challenging one.

In the past few days, two clear candidates have emerged as the most likely options to take the torch from Dybala’s hand: Nicolò Zaniolo and Giacomo Raspadori.

So which one would be the more suitable option for our beloved club?

Well, the obvious answer would be “why not both?”. And indeed, that would be a great solution for this dilemma.

After all, we’re talking about two young players with different characteristics. While the Roma star enjoys making runs from the wing or from the middle of the park, the Sassuolo product is able to play closer to goal.

But let’s say the management were forced to pick one or the other. Which one should Federico Cherubini choose?

Well, in order to settle this debate perhaps we’ll have to resort to the players’ characters rather than playing characteristics.

Surely both of them are incredibly talented and sky would be the limit if they’re able to maintain a level-headed approach.

The last “if” might just be the most underrated aspect of this whole debate, as we’ve seen Zaniolo causing a bit too many controversial incidents for a player who is still at the beginning of his playing career.

Yes, the former Fiorentina youth product is a childhood Juventus fan, but so is a third of the Italian population. His allegiance at a young age isn’t enough to suggest that the player possesses the right mindset to make it at the Allianz Stadium.

On the other hand, Raspadori has always proven to be a serious young man who’s fully dedicated to football and has never lost sight of his plans.

Even during Italy’s ill-fated playoff encounter against North Macedonia, Roberto Mancini decided to rely on Raspadori in the second half, and almost repaid the manager’s faith with a goal. On the other hand, Zaniolo was left out from the matchday squad altogether, four days ago following José Mourinho’s derby snub.

This doesn’t suggest that Zaniolo should never play for Juventus in his career, but at this point, it seems that the winger still has some maturing to do before he’s able to handle the pressure that comes along with the infamous black and white jersey.

As for Raspadori, he might not be a born and raised Bianconeri supporter (at least not as far as we know), but the young man’s character seems to perfectly fit the Juventus mold.