In the upcoming Serie A season, Juventus is poised to contend for the Scudetto with a strong desire to secure the title.

Positioned as one of the premier clubs in the country, the Bianconeri won’t have any commitments in European competitions to manage.

Although Juventus has faced challenges since the return of Max Allegri as the club’s manager, they are embarking on a fresh start following a tumultuous year and are rightfully considered among the frontrunners.

The advantage of playing only one match per week will afford their players ample time for rest, thereby increasing their likelihood of clinching victories.

Nonetheless, this circumstance doesn’t guarantee their league victory. Tuttojuve has disclosed Opta’s projection for the forthcoming season, indicating that Inter Milan is anticipated to clinch the title. Napoli, AC Milan, and Juventus are expected to secure positions within the top four, according to the analysis provided by the analytics company.

Juve FC Says

We do not have to worry about pre-season predictions and sometimes it could be great when people do not expect you to win.

It takes the pressure off you and allows you to play your game as much as possible to win as many points as possible.

We just need to focus on winning every game we play and we would be fine by the end of the campaign.