Rumours have been circulating about the potential return of Pablo Longoria to Juventus, possibly concluding his current tenure with Olympique Marseille in the French top flight.

Longoria, a Spaniard who previously worked as a scout at Juventus from 2015, later moved to Valencia in 2018, and he currently serves as the president of Olympique Marseille. Despite his contentment with his role at the French club, persistent reports continue to associate him with a potential return to Juventus.

Juventus is in the midst of a restructuring phase to reaffirm its status as one of the elite clubs in European football. Earlier this year, the club introduced a new board, and they recently appointed a new sporting director, indicating a willingness to bring in fresh leadership to the organisation.

These developments have fueled speculation about Longoria’s possible return to Turin. However, Longoria has clearly stated that he is content with his current position at Olympique Marseille and has no intentions of leaving the club at this time.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve

“In the current conditions, it is very difficult to have a project and it is impossible to work I did not offer my resignation to Frank McCourt. Despite everything that is said about me, I am not a person who looks out for his own personal interests.

“If I am involved in all this it is because I am the president of the OM. I represent an institution. I have a mandate given by the owner and the supervisory board. I must assume my responsibilities, as I have always done.”

Juve FC Says

Longoria had a good spell with us and would love to return to the club, but he would only leave his post at OM now for a bigger one in Turin.

However, we already have Cristiano Giuntoli doing a superb job and do not need a new man in any other critical capacity.