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Pantaleo Corvino reveals people said Vlahovic was too expensive at 1.5m euros

March 1, 2022 - 11:15 am

Former Fiorentina director, Pantaleo Corvino has revealed that he had a lot of doubters when he took Dusan Vlahovic to La Viola in 2018.

The Serbian was a youngster at Partizan at the time and Corvino who has scouted and signed top players for much of his career believed he would be a world-class player.

He paid 1.5m euros for the current Juventus striker and he was told he had overpaid for the untested teenage star.

Vlahovic joined Juventus in the last transfer window after hitting top form at Florence in the last year.

He earned them so much money when he made the move to Turin and now Corvino looks like a genius again.

He spoke about bringing the youngster to Italy recently and said via Calciomercato: “I took Vlahovic for 1.5 million euros and someone said it was expensive, but the Della Valle family trusted me. The boy’s mother said to me with a smile: ‘I’ll give you the new Batistuta’. I replied: ‘The new Toni is enough for me’.”

Juve FC Says

Corvino is one of the most important figures in Vlahovic’s football career and the Serbian will be grateful he took a chance on him.

However, the striker also deserves credit for meeting expectations because he could have struggled to make an impact in Italy.

He adapted well and quickly and has now joined a top Serie A side.

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