Paolo Di Canio has offered his perspective on Juventus’ current struggles, emphasising the importance of finding the right balance in their performances. The Bianconeri have been grappling with inconsistent form, which contrasts with the level of consistency required to contend for the league title or secure a top-four finish.

Under the leadership of Max Allegri, Juventus boasts some of the league’s finest players in both defence and attack. However, the team has been facing difficulties due to a lack of harmony and balance in their play.

Di Canio believes that the primary issue plaguing Juventus lies in their inability to strike the right balance in their style of play. He urges them to rectify this issue promptly in order to overcome their current challenges. Balancing their offensive and defensive efforts could be the key to resolving their struggles and achieving more consistent results.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Allegri not convinced of the squad? He always talks about finishing in the top four, which is the minimum required and rightly so, because he can work weekly, but he is right because finding the right fit is not easy, and finding a balance between an aggressive team that plays fast and one that returns to being conservative as the goals like against Lecce sooner or later you’ll find it, it’s not easy.” 

Juve FC Says

The team is gradually getting used to the 3-5-2 system that our gaffer has used this term.

Allegri has been in this business long enough to know when he might need to make some changes and we expect him to keep his team developing well until they find a balance and can win trophies consistently.