Juventus U19 manager Paolo Montero will become the senior team’s interim manager for the remaining two matches of the season after the Bianconeri sacked Max Allegri.

Allegri’s tenure at the club ends on a disappointing note, with the club citing his behavior during the Coppa Italia final as not representative of Juventus’ values.

Juventus had been preparing for a managerial change for several weeks, expecting Allegri to remain until the end of the season.

However, Allegri’s emotional outbursts during and after the Coppa Italia final led to an expedited dismissal.

According to a report on Calciomercato, Montero is set to step up from managing the U19 team to take over the senior team.

Before Juventus met with Allegri to inform him of their decision, they had reportedly already spoken to Montero, who confirmed his readiness to assume the role.

The Uruguayan, a former Juventus player, will view this as an opportunity to demonstrate that he can surpass Allegri’s performance.

Juve FC Says

Montero has a chance to win two games as  Juventus coach, and we expect him to do his best on the bench.

It will be interesting to see how our players respond to Allegri’s sacking.