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Paratici: ‘We’ve had many offers for Demiral’

August 15, 2019

Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici has revealed that the club have had many offers for Turkish defender Merih Demiral.

Paratici was present at Juve’s annual Villar Perosa tournament and spoke with journalists about the Bianconeri’s transfer moves this summer.

“We purchased de Ligt,  for whom requests had been submitted by all the top ten teams in the world rankings, something that had never happened to me in so many years of work,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Danilo has won 22 titles in his career and in the last six years he has played at Real Madrid and Manchester City. I believe that Juve has very high-level players in all areas.

“We managed to buy him and two great players on free transfers , Rabiot and Ramsey, who were wanted by many clubs.”

“Demiral? We were able to sign and keep Demiral, who is currently the most popular player on the roster.”

“Rugani? We can’t tell what will happen with him. To close any deal, you need three agreements.

“Khedira? He is a great player, he will stay with us. And the same goes for Matuidi ….”

“In the meantime, we have great strikers and we are satisfied as we are: I don’t know how many big European clubs can boast an attack at a level like ours.

“Icardi is an Inter player and I don’t see why we have to think about other strikers at the moment.”

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