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Paratici: ‘Interest in Paulo Dybala’

August 15, 2019

Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici has confirmed that despite turning down offers from Manchester United and Spurs, there’s still “interest and discussions” for Paulo Dybala.

La Joya has been adamant that he wants to remain in Turin next season, but Juventus are seemingly open to offers.

“As with all transfer sessions, there is a lot of chatter and lately not many actual deals done, but we are calm and confident,” Paratici told journalists at the annual Villar Perosa tournament.

“It’s not that there is an excess of players, but rather a list that neither the Coach nor I can do anything about. We can only use 21, and just one ‘local’ homegrown player. Therefore, the players who are not in that list of 22 have to go.

“There aren’t any players closer to a sale than others. We are one of the best teams in the world, which means we have many top level players.

“It takes three parties to conclude a transfer, so we’ll slowly reach our conclusions.

“Dybala is like all the others, a great Juventus player. There is interest and there are discussions, we’ll talk about it together.

“Icardi is an Inter player, so we will only talk about those in our squad. We’ve got Gonzalo Higuain, who is a great hitman, while Mandzukic is an excellent forward. Let’s talk about our players.

“We have players like Perin and Pjaca who need to fully recover before they can be transferred.

“I think every Coach has his style. I’ve watched many entertaining matches by Allegri’s Juve and he helped everyone to grow.”

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