Paul Pogba says if a club and its fans love him, he would perform at his best, just like most players do.

The midfielder struggled to do his most satisfactory work at Manchester United, because he was constantly being criticised by the club’s fans and pundits in the English media.

He is now looking to change clubs as a free agent and a return to Juventus is very much on the cards.

He was speaking recently about him performing at his best wherever he is and said, as quoted by Tutto Sport: “If I am in tune first of all with the team, with the fans, with the club that knows and loves you, I, like all players, can give my best” declared the Frenchman. “If you are mentally free and have fun, you perform. You have to be comfortable where you play and with the people you play with. That’s the most important thing.”

Juve FC Says

Players are humans, and they will do their best and want to die for a team if they are being treated right.

Pogba was in stunning form at Juve during his first stint at the club, and the only reason was because he was in an environment where he felt loved.

It wasn’t the case at United, and it affected his performance. Hopefully, when he returns to Juve, the fans will support him to perform well.