Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has delivered a statement on his experience at the ongoing extortion trial of his brother and accomplices.

The midfielder had been suffering from extortion attempts by a gang, including his brother, Matthias, but he didn’t make it public.

When the sibling went social with a video claiming he would spill secrets about the midfielder, his camp replied, revealing a gang of his childhood friends and brother has threatened him.

The Police in France have detained Matthias and other suspects, and now Pogba has revealed his ordeal at the hands of the extortionists in an incident.

The World Cup winner said, as quoted by Football Italia:

“It was frightening.

“Both of them pointed guns at me. Being threatened like this, I told them I would pay, but they started shouting: ‘Shut up, keep your eyes down.’

“One of the two hooded men whispered in Roushdane’s ear. When they left, Roushdane told me that I had to pay, otherwise we were all in danger.”

Juve FC Says

Pogba’s safety is important to Juventus because if he feels safe, he would perform at his best.

The midfielder is recovering from an injury and he expects to get back to form immediately as he steps on the pitch.

For that to happen, he might have to put this incident behind him. Hopefully, the investigation would be fast and concluded before he returns to action for the Bianconeri.