Juventus has taken the step of suspending Paul Pogba as he faces the possibility of a ban for doping-related offences.

Since his return to Turin last season, the midfielder has seen limited playing time and has often made headlines for the wrong reasons rather than his performances on the pitch. Juventus had hoped for a better season from him, following a lacklustre showing in the previous campaign.

However, the recent revelation of his failed doping test has left the club and its supporters deeply concerned. This development may prompt Juventus to reconsider its relationship with Pogba.

The ultimate fate of his contract remains uncertain pending the outcome of the doping investigation. Notably, a recent report on Tuttomercatoweb has indicated that Pogba’s earnings have been reduced to the minimum wage in Italy. He is reportedly earning a gross monthly salary of 2,180 euros, a situation that will persist until the results of the second analysis of his sample are confirmed.

Should the second test indeed confirm his involvement in doping, Juventus may take more significant measures beyond reducing his salary.

Juve FC Says

Pogba has let us down seriously because we had expected better from him after the last few months.

The midfielder could easily have been made redundant like Leonardo Bonucci, but we trusted him and now he could be gone for a long time.